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Welcome to our blog!  We're absolutely obsessed with this wonderful area, and here we'll be detailing our favourite places to go, eat and see in Brightlingsea (and nearby!), plus a few 'behind the scenes' looks at our B&B.  Stay tuned!

Our Lovely Local Suppliers

3 December 2018
We at The Courtyard Rooms B&B are passionate (some might say obsessive) about using local, independent shops wherever possible.  Not only does it boost the local economy and support local families, but it contributes to keeping the local area vibrant and unique. Lucky for us, we have some incredible local shops and suppliers that we use day to day in the running of our B&B, and we thought you might like to know who they are! ...

Things To Do - Colchester

26 November 2018
Britain's Oldest Town is just a short drive from our little B&B in Brightlingsea. Colchester hasn't received the same investment as some historic towns in the UK, but can definitely provide a great day out - especially for families.   For History lovers, there's Colchester Castle. For Science fans, the Natural History Museum. For Art lovers, there's Firstsite. For Aminal lovers, there's Colchester ...

A Winter Walk In Brightlingsea

12 November 2018
Brightlingsea really is a wonderful place to visit, in all weathers.  Today, we were blown away (almost literally!) by the moody clouds and romantic, winter atmosphere .... so we took a LOT of pictures! Please follow us on Instagram for many, many pictures of Brightlingsea, our B&B and the local area. And don't forget Facebook and Twitter, where we are also ...

Places to Eat in Brightlingsea

29 January 2018
As Bed and Breakfast owners, our guests often ask us to recommend a place to eat.  Either for lunch or dinner, for a casual meal or a celebration.  And so it is important that we regularly visit the local eateries to update our knowledge on what’s available.  Or at least, that’s how I convince Darius to take me out to dinner!   In all seriousness, I am forever impressed with the food offering in Brightling ...

Our New Years Resolution, 2018!

1 January 2018
Two years ago, as midnight approached on the 31st December, myself and Darius turned to each other and said, “This year, we’ll get a star rating.” Exactly one year later on New Year’s Eve, as midnight approached, myself and Darius turned to each other and said, “THIS year, we’ll DEFINITELY get a star rating!” And yesterday, 31st December 2017, as midnight approached and we watched the wonderful f ...

Five Reasons to Visit the UK Seaside This Winter

25 November 2017
Brightlingsea is a beauty in summer, no doubt.  When the hot weather hits, our seawater paddling pool is perfect for children to splash in and create sandcastles.  The estuary waters are calm and safe to swim in.  And the lack of ‘Kiss Me Quick’ provides our guests with a peaceful, old-fashioned break from the hustle and  bustle.  We really are a gem on the Essex Sunshine Coast! But, for m ...

The Beth Chatto Gardens - by 'Mum'

15 November 2017
We’ve been very busy bees here at The Courtyard Rooms!  Unfortunately, this means little time to dedicate to our blog.  And so I – cheekily – asked my Mum to write a little something instead!  Mums are the best. :) "Having a daughter who lives in Brightlingsea is a wonderful excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of London life.  Our normal visits involve a leisurely stroll along the picture ...
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