Five Reasons to Visit the UK Seaside This Winter

Saturday 25 November 2017

Brightlingsea is a beauty in summer, no doubt.  When the hot weather hits, our seawater paddling pool is perfect for children to splash in and create sandcastles.  The estuary waters are calm and safe to swim in.  And the lack of ‘Kiss Me Quick’ provides our guests with a peaceful, old-fashioned break from the hustle and  bustle.  We really are a gem on the Essex Sunshine Coast!

But, for me, Brightlingsea is just as enjoyable in winter.  Of course, there is no sunbathing or sea swimming (unless you’re very brave!), but that's not to say a trip to the seaside isn't worth it's while.  Here are my top five reasons for taking a break by the sea this winter:


1) It’s Good for the Soul

Imagine this:  You wrap up in your favourite winter coat and prepare yourself a flask of something hot.  You leave the B&B and head out towards the estuary.  As you reach the open sea the cold hits your cheeks and the smell of salt fills your lungs.  The wind rushes through your ears and, as the sunlight pokes holes in the clouds, you stop for a moment to take in the awe of the ocean. 

These moments are known as activating our ‘Blue Mind’ – the feelings we get of calm, happiness and satisfaction when looking out to sea.  Taking time to spend with the magnificence of the ocean (in any weather) is also likely to make us feel more connected to the universe and those around us.  In short, it’s good for the soul!   


2)  It Promotes Creativity

Whether you’re an  artist, writer or musician -  professional, amateur or  somewhere in between – being beside the seaside is proven to get those creative juices flowing.

Viewing the simple blue expanse of a seascape whilst hearing the rhythmic lapping noise of the waves sends our brains into a medative state that allows our minds to wander.  And when our minds are able to wander – to daydream and to imagine - we are more likely to have those ‘eureka’ moments that inspire our most wonderful works of art.  No hot weather required!


3) It’s Good for the Body

We all know that swimming in the sea is excellent for your physical health.  Not only is swimming a great form of exercise, but the combination of salty water and a sunny day does absolute wonders for the skin.

But what is often overlooked are the health benefits of sea air.   Going for a walk in the bracing sea wind can strengthen and improve the respitory and cardiovascular systems - as well as being an invigorating form of exercise.  And boy, does Brightlingsea have some lovely walks!


4) It Helps You Sleep

Our B&B guests often say that the sea air has made them sleepy – this is no coincidence.  There is scientific proof that being by the sea helps you to get an excellent night’s sleep.  I’m terrible at Science, so  I’ll quote the evidence (from the Telegraph) rather than try to explain it myself!

“This is because sea air is full of negative hydrogen ions, charged particles abundant in sea spray and concentrated in fresh air, which improve our ability to absorb oxygen by neutralising damaging free radicals (positive ions).”  Did you get that?


5) The Seafood Is Delicious

If you’re a fan of seafood, or just enjoy a cheeky fish and chips on a Friday night, there really isn’t anywhere fresher than the seaside.  And who says the weather has to be hot to enjoy a portion on the beach?

We’re lucky to have a host of great  pubs and restaurants serving fresh seafood within easy walking distance of our B&B.  Special mention has to be given to The Rosebud – just a five minute walk away and with gorgeous views across the estuary, their seafood offering is something special.


We hope you agree that the UK seaside is an excellent choice for a winter break.  But just in case you're still not convinced, here’s a few ideas of things to do by the beach in winter:

  • Go for a walk, jog or run;
  • Meditate or practice yoga;
  • Paint or draw;
  • Write a poem;
  • Skim pebbles;
  • Go 'crabbing';
  • Grab a hot chocolate at Bateman's Cafe and people watch while you have a good catch-up with your best friend;
  • Make sandcastles (hey, the sand is still there!).


If  you’re looking to book your next winter break to the UK seaside, don’t  hesitate to give us a call.

Wishing you a wonderful winter!

Emily & Darius


The Courtyard Rooms

Brightlingsea, CO7 0AE

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Five Reasons to Visit the UK Seaside This Winter
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